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Increase discipleship with your church's content

We designed NotesPro to help you connect with your people. Deploy interactive note pages, follow-up during the week and more with NotesPro.


From sermon notes to small group curriculum, create engaging fill in the blank notes with our powerful editor.


Share your Notes Pro account link and schedule notes to go live anytime. No more copy and pasting links.


Send follow-up questions or application points throughout the week to help disciple your people.


Collect insights from your notes. Keep track of who is engaging, view the most popular points and more.

Create a Library

We'll keep all your note pages that you've scheduled so your people can keep learning after the weekend.

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note editor

You create the notes

note editor

Your people follow along

note editor
note editor

You gain insights and help them grow


You give us the content and we'll give you a sleek note page. Check out the live demo to see it in action!

  • Unlimited note pages
  • Add all your sermon points or content
  • Create fill-in the blanks with answers
  • Easily insert bible verses
  • Choose from our built-in banner images or upload your own
  • Embed your live-stream via YouTube, Resi and Facebook (Coming Soon)


Share your notes pro account link with your church. They'll be able engage with your sermon notes, small group lesson and more.

  • Schedule unlimited notes
  • Redirect to the current week's notes
  • Library of past notes & sermons
  • Share notes between campuses & ministries with subaccounts (multi-site plan)


Give your people the tools they need to take notes, follow up throughout the week and grow through spiritual discipline.

  • Follow along and take notes
  • Download or email completed notes
  • Login and save notes to their account
  • Receive automatic follow-up application during the week
  • React to parts of the note that resonated with them


We'll also keep track of everyone in your ministry who is viewing the note. Don't worry, we also have tons of charts for you visual people.

Rock RMS Integration

Take full advantage of NotesPro through our Rock RMS integration.

  • Automatically check note takers into a weekend service in Rock when they view a note page
  • Allow note takers to sign in with their account in your church's Rock instance
  • Send interaction data to your Rock instance for custom Reports and Data Views

Multisite and Multiuser

Easily add your staff and campuses into notespro.


Add your staff or volunteers to allow them to create and schedule note pages.

  • Five unique user roles for your volunteers and staff
  • Easily control users & subaccount access from one page

Multisite with Subaccounts

Easily allow each campus to share notes with their people.

  • Schedule notes independently for each subaccount
  • Next subaccounts to allow each ministry to have their own link (Coming soon)
  • Bill subaccounts separately to allow for flexible billing management
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There's so Much More

Check out all the features of NotesPro. We're adding more too, so stay tuned.

Separate Billing for Subaccounts

Multisite: Configure subaccounts to be billed independently. You can but as many or as few subaccounts on any number of credit cards.

Nest Subaccounts

Multisite: You can have subaccounts of subaccounts for ministries that want their own link. Some common examples include student ministry or groups ministry.

Track Views

We'll show you a dynamic chart with your note views in real time

Use Your own Domain Name

Multisite: NotesPro will work with your own domain! Just let us know and we'll get it set up.

API Access

Multisite: Build custom integrations with our API.

Remove NotesPro Branding

Multisite: Remove NotesPro branding for a seamless experience.

Upload Your Logo

Upload your logo to display in the header of each note page.

Add Your Staff

Paid Plans: Multi-user support so you can easily collaborate with your staff

Note Reactions

Users can let you know which parts of the note page resonate with them. You can use this information to tune your ministry!

Coming Soon

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  • Everything in Base
  • Multi-user support
  • Advanced Analytics & Note Reactions


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  • Everything in Pro and Base
  • Multi-site support with subaccounts
  • Rock RMS Integration

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