Why Notes Pro?

Because people should come first

If you're like me, you've spent a lot of time in church. Maybe you're the teaching pastor on-stage, a communication volunteer managing the website or a faithful member. We all have our position and depending on the Church you may have experienced this unfortunate reality: Most tools that are available to Churches don't put people first.

The Church is people and people are The Church. There is no Biblical Church without people, which means we need to focus on discipling and multiplying people as much as possible. Everything we do as The Church, including the tools we use, should be about people. How do we connect people with people? How do we connect people to God? How do we help people grow spiritually and relationally? It all comes back to people.

This leads me to tools. Unfortunately most (almost all) church management systems, giving management systems, website builders and other tools built for churches almost all fall into a category I call "spreadsheet software." Spreadsheet software is designed to accomplish a task. For example, church leadership probably wants people to be able to give online and track their church's income. Small group leaders need the emails and phone numbers of those in their small group. Volunteer teams need to be scheduled for services and events. The list goes on. There's tools for anything a church needs to do. However, those tools are lacking something.

Spreadsheet software is dry, lifeless and solely build to accomplish a task or purpose. The Church doesn't need any more spreadsheet software. We need people centered software. That's why I am passionate about Notes Pro. We want to connect you to your people, connect your people to God and connect your people to each other.

Sure, Notes Pro accomplishes what some other tools aim to do. We give you the ability to publish fill in the blank note pages to your people and we make that super easy with our editor and scheduler. However, there's so much more. We give you the ability to follow up with your people automatically to keep the thinking and growing about the message or small group session. We give them the ability to log in and save notes, take their own notes and form habits around your church's discipleship content. We give your people an avenue to let you know what resonated with them in the note page. That's just the start too.

We want to give you the ultimate tool to connect with your people via note pages. Notes Pro will never be a lifeless tool build to solve a simple problem, we'll be a dynamic connection avenue for you and your people.

Eric - Founder, Notes Pro.