Creating Sermon Notes with Notes Pro


Eric Stoutenburg

Aug 28, 2023

Learn how you can create and share engaging sermon notes with your people. Notes Pro gives you the tools to create fill in the blank note pages in minutes.

Delivering a powerful sermon week after week requires not only spiritual insight but also effective organization. The art of creating a sermon outline that captures your congregation's attention and conveys your message clearly is now made simpler and more efficient with Notes Pro. The tool is designed to help you create sermon outlines enriched with fill-in-the-blank notes, ensuring your message resonates with your audience and fosters spiritual growth.

Create an Engaging Sermon

The foundation of any impactful sermon is a well-structured outline. Notes Pro offers a user-friendly note editor that allows you to craft dynamic outlines. From sermon points to supporting scripture references, you can effortlessly organize your thoughts and ideas. What sets Notes Pro apart is its unique ability to create fill-in-the-blank notes—a powerful technique that encourages active engagement and retention among your congregation. Some other tools to share sermon notes have a complex, technical editor. Notes Pro is built to be simple and usable by anyone.

Simplify Sharing

Notes Pro introduces a streamlined sharing process. Simply schedule your notes to go live using your ministry's dedicated link. This eliminates the need for copying and pasting, ensuring your congregation has instant access to your message at the same link every week. For larger organizations with multiple campuses or ministries, Notes Pro offers the convenience of subaccounts, enabling seamless sharing and communication. Each subaccount also gets its own dedicated link so every campus or ministry can share notes.

Facilitate Spiritual Growth

Beyond delivering a sermon, your goal is to cultivate spiritual growth within your community. Notes Pro goes beyond the sermon hour, empowering your congregation with tools to continue their learning journey throughout the week. With the ability to take notes, follow along and email or download their notes for later, your people stay engaged. We'll also give you the ability to send follow-ups during the week to note takers.

Keep a Gallery of Past Messages

Notes Pro understands that ministries have diverse needs. It offers different pricing plans to cater to various requirements. Whether you're opting for the Free plan with unlimited note pages or the Multisite plan with advanced features, there's a plan to suit your journey.

Get Started with Notes Pro

In essence, crafting sermon outlines with Notes Pro isn't just about efficient preparation — it's about fostering connections, engagement, and growth within your congregation. The tool's seamless note editor, user-friendly sharing, and analytics-driven approach empower you to create impactful sermons that resonate and inspire. Elevate your message preparation with Notes Pro and experience the transformation it brings to your ministry.

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